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In 1998, we rolled out a vision with less than 10 employees to unleash the true potential of the Sri Lankan ICT industry and build a preeminent software brand. We made it our mission to revolutionize the local banking and finance industry and digitalize state enterprises.

Today, we at Epic Lanka are present across East Asia with more than 350 employees. Our payment solutions for the local banking industry are on par with global Fintech standards, earning international recognition for our innovative excellence. Today, we are proud of transforming state enterprises to operate in an efficient and optimized manner. We have empowered our staff through training and knowledge assimilation. We have created employment opportunities for the new generation and given them their first experience in the real world of IT.

Our journey has not been without hardships and challenges, but we remained resilient and focused. After a quarter century of award-winning solutions, mission-critical state projects, job creations, and internship opportunities, we feel our best is yet to come. We promise to continue raising the bar in the software industry and transform the lives of Sri Lankans through innovation for improved living.

Our Products

We ensure quality, security, and transparency in our technology solutions

Our Products

We ensure quality, security, and transparency in our technology solutions


A state-of-the-art POS Terminal management platform, developed to create a seamless and novel experience for banks, merchants, and acquirers to manage multiple brand terminals in one interface.

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Bank2U is a convenient and holistic Agency banking platform. It empowers banks to reach rural customers while reducing the need for physical branches, bringing banking to new segments.

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CNP Shield

CNP Shield is a 3-D Secure Access Control Server ensures a safe and secure digital experience for customers and is adaptable to multiple platforms to prevent online fraud.

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A holistic collections solution designed to manage end-to-end tasks and processes related to the entire debt and recoveries operation.

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Digiface offers eKYC and vKYC solutions to streamline the digital onboarding journey across various banking products.

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Doxmate (Bizflow and DMS)

Doxmate is an enterprise content management and business process automation solution that offers document management systems and dynamic workflows.

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E-connector – The most comprehensive platform for banks and financial institutes to perform their payment activities in an efficient manner through integration with national EFT switches.

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N-Gage is an omnichannel communication hub. It allows engagement with a mass audience across multiple platforms, ensuring your message reaches its target and engages with subscribers.

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PreveNET SoftNAC

The Network Access Control Solution that revolutionizes connectivity management while ensuring unparalleled security for your network.

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The Terminal Line Encryption solution designed to safeguard your network from all forms of wire-tapping attacks, with advanced encryption, authentication, and key management.

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DLB Sweep app

DLB Sweep, a comprehensive lotteries app with real-time notifications and results, developed for the Development Lotteries Board.

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Paytect is a revolutionary, fully-fledged card management system that facilitates the entire spectrum of card issuing, acquiring and transaction processing functions.

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E-Gov Suite

It empowers banks to reach rural customers while reducing the need for physical branches, bringing banking to new segments.

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Epic is undoubtedly a trendsetter amongst all business verticals it operates in

A Value-driven Business Model

We set the trend on how to add value to a client’s business

R & D center

Software Development and R & D Center equipped with centralized Source Code Repository

24/7 Help Desk

A Help Desk facility 24/7, 365 days a year with 24-hour on-site and off-site support services

Global partnerships

Active technology transfer agreements with world-renowned technology partners

A market leader

The market leader in supplying and servicing EDC / POS Terminals with over 98% market share in Sri Lanka

International standards

We adhere to globally renowned best practices in crafting our technological solutions

Award-winning products

Epic has been awarded many local and international accolades during its 22 years in the IT industry

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We work closely with a wide range of clients from diversified business sectors

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Read about the projects we successfully delivered over the years

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