The E-Connector comprises of 4 modules:

E–Switch (E–Switch)

API Services to connect front–end channels

Administrative Web Application

Meb Portal for Bransh Tellers

Key features and functionalities

Payment Scheduler (Bulk Payment) allows the capability to configure aspects related to bulk payments including the ability to predetermine a time for the bulk payment to be processed.

Transaction Rerun Initiator facilitates the automated re–initiation of transactions that have been done over the counter and configures the amount of retries applicable for the transaction.

Fee Deduction Service creates profiles against the diVerent transaction types that are entailed within the solution

Dual Transaction Legs Manager platform can be configured to facilitate both the debit and the credit legs.

Reconciliation Engine reconciles transactions, identifies shortfalls, and calls issues to the attention of the appropriate entity for immediate resolution, easily and automatically.

GL Manager can dynamically relay the transaction to the relevant GL entry that has been set for the transaction (depending on the configuration).

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