EPIC LankaPay eConnector

EPIC LankaPay eConnector

Paving the path towards the digital blueprint of Sri Lanka


EPIC LankaPay eConnector uses API services to communicate messages between the connected front-end channels such as Wallet Applications, Online Banking, and Mobile Banking platforms with the Central Transaction Processing Hub. The API Services module is characterized by the agility and flexibility to provide the Financial Institutions with the utmost convenience to connect and enable CEFTS, facilitate payments to LPOPP institutions, allow PEN services, initiate LANKAQR-based transactions, integrate Shared ATM Switch (SAS), Common POS Switch (CPS) and many more LankaPay services without an additional effort to obtain these services separately.

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A single platform to integrate LankaPay modules with banks and financial institutions

  • LankaPay CEFTS
  • LankaPay JustPay
  • LankaPay LPOPP
  • LankaPay PEN
  • LankaQR
  • LankaPay CAS
  • LankaPay SAS
  • LankaPay CPS
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