A fully secure network will

Detect threats

Provide access control and endpoint security

Reduce compliance issues

Offer network visibility and reporting

Features and functionalities

Unlike traditional network security solutions, PreveNET SoftNAC stands out by continuously identifying, authorizing, and efficiently routing transactions to multiple destinations while maintaining a strong focus on network security and risk management.

Multi-Client Connections

Supports the simultaneous connection of multiple clients, allowing for efficient routing and multiple client connections to securely access the network and transmit data

Performance and Scalability

Accommodates the growing number of POS machines and transaction (process) volumes

Seamless Dual Communication Protocol

Capable of managing the complete transaction processing relevant to the functionalities of the NAC from POS to NAC to Host and back using a seamless dual communication protocol

Real-time Monitoring and Alerting

Offers a built-in console which instantly responds to compromised devices on POS network to preventthreat propagation & data breaches

Support for Multi-Medium Connections

Facilitates connectivity through Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), and Ethernet

Queue Management

Includes queue management capabilities to efficiently handle incoming transactions and prioritize processing

Large Transactions Per Second (TPS) Capacity

Handles a high volume of transactions per second.

Reporting, Statistics and Analytics metrics

Generates customizable reports and visualizations, enabling administrators to optimize system performance.

Key Components of Epic’s PreveNET SoftNAC

  • Network Visibility and Access Control

  • Configurations Management

  • Statistics and Reporting

  • Security and Data Protection

  • Governance and Compliance

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