Why Doxmate?

Rapid digital transformation of your business

Cost effective, long-term investment in business efficiency and transparency

Better control of business activities lead to happier clients

Doxmate Bizflow

Create and automate workflows in just a few clicks. Doxmate Bizflow is a workflow-automation and business process management tool with extensive functionalities to cover all your digitized business needs. The platform allows its business users create to their own digital workflow forms without requiring any computer software programming knowledge or experience.

Coding-Free Drag and Drop Form design

Workflows with altering flow paths

Customized access control for each form element

e-Signature capability

Document Uploading facility

Task completion performance view


Role-based user control

Doxmate DMS:

Manage your documentation all in one place. With the Digital age, paperwork is a thing in the past. Store all your paperwork on Doxmate DMS, including paperwork generated via Doxmate Bizflow. With Doxmate DMS, you do not have to worry about paper stacks and using up all your cabinet space to store documents.

  • Upload documents for indexing and archiving purposes

  • Share document with access control

  • Search words and phrases to locate specific documents within the DMS

  • Record who has accessed documents Maintain a log of multiple document versions

  • Save documents created and collected through Doxmate Bizflow

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