Key features and functionalities

Built to international standards and compliance guidelines. ATEM Hub is compliance certified globally and developed to match world class standards

Top-of-the-line security features with end-to-end extremely secured communication channel encryption tool to safeguard against all forms of security breaches

Ultra- modern terminal management experience to provide accurate insights into merchant customers, locations, and institutions. With a comprehensive overview of your operations

Push and pull experience to provide a streamlined solution saves time and resources and avoids frequent travel to merchant outlets

A comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to simplify the process of raising inquiries, complaints or service requests, providing a centralized platform for analysing, monitoring, and following up on their progress

Superior retailer experience with a convenient and intuitive web portal that offers comprehensive visibility

Paperless experience through the integrated Digital Receipt Repository through which transaction details and signature data are seamlessly transmitted and securely stored in digital format

Collaborative experience through a remarkable compatibility with various terminal brands and models operating using Android system.

Value creation experience by creating digital acknowledgement capabilities through SMSs, Emails and URL- driven SMS PDF receipts, enabling business to enhance communication and promote transparency

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