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As one of nation’s largest finance companies, Vallibel provides host of financial solutions designed to improve and simplify their transactions, as well as their lives. Vallibel Finance has delivered from entrepreneur to enterprising household. As we diversify our business and move in to exciting new ground with every passing day, our strong asset base and solid profits guarantee that exponential growth can be expected of Vallibel Finance PLC in the future. Most importantly we at Vallibel Finance, have made it possible for Sri Lankans across the country to place their trust on us for sure returns and secure investment.

When it was clear to us that the existing document management software could not be upgraded, and thus resided on outdated software technologies, delaying the availability of electronic documents required to verify and approve our services to customers. Because of the impact on both system performance and system reliability, it is causing a great drain on internal support resources, making it critical to have a robust, scalable, and performance based document management system to the underwriting component of Valliable’s business. Valliable had no choice but to look for a new solution.

With the competitive RFP process where all most all industry leading Enterprise Content Management Vendors Participated, Valliable management were convenience that Epic’s DoxPro Enterprise Content Management System was the best financially and technically viable offer to them. The Solution was a flexible and a comprehensive system that facilitates the definition, management and execution of document and workflow processes. It helps to define, administer and coordinate different business processes and supervise all required tasks. An easy-to-use graphical interface provides drag-and-drop features to conveniently design workflows and assign tasks and responsibilities to respective users.

Epic DoxPro Enterprise Content Management System enabled Valliable to streamline cumbersome business processes into a paperless environment. It helped them to manage data effectively, resulting in greater efficiencies and cost savings and thus moving to a medium-term increase in productivity. Since implementing DoxPro administrative tasks have drastically improved at Valliable. Previously it would take staff members five minutes simply to retrieve a paper document, but now with DoxPro, that process duration is reduced.

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