Epic Mobile Wallet

Transforming the consumer/merchant payment ecosystem

World’s first Single Application for Payer & Payee

Register any Credit/Debit Cards and Current/Savings Accounts

Patent-pending Tokenization mechanism ensures Instrument details remain secure

Transaction Initiation via NFC, tokens, Dynamic & Static OR codes

Wallet Access Secured with PIN & biometrics

Seamless & Hassle-free customer on-boarding


The Epic Mobile wallet transforms your mobile phone into a secure, digital version of your traditional wallet – a first of its kind in the world. It enables merchant payments using all payment instruments, such as credit/debit cards and CASA accounts, on existing infrastructure. Importantly, it is the only solution that provides payer and payee features in a single application, effectively transforming each wallet into a potential merchant. Our patent-pending tokenization mechanism ensures that no card/account information gets stored on the phone but yet allows any enrolled instrument to make merchant payments via NFC, mobile number key-in (for non-NFC phones), payment tokens and dynamic/static or codes. It delivers a never-before-seen level of security and convenience to consumers as well as merchants. Contact Us


Customer convenience: register all credit/debit cards & CASA accounts in a single wallet

Payer & payee functionality rolled into one: every wallet user can effectively be a merchant

Multiple modes of transaction initiation: NFC, Tokenized payments for non-NFC, dynamic/static or code

Significantly expands the reach across merchant segments across the socio-economic layers


Seamless customer on-boarding without complex registrations

Secure login with PIN and biometrics

Payment transactions using NFC, tokens, mobile number and/or codes

Send money to friends using peer-to-peer fund transfers

Move funds between own accounts and cards using Infra-wallet transfers

Setup default payment instrument for quick payments

User configurable security for biometrics