Epic Branchless Banker

A Channel Innovation to reach the masses

Account Opening & Card Issuance

Deposit Mobilization

Cash Withdrawal

Balance Inquiry

Fund Transfers

PIN Change

Loan Approvals & Disbursements

Utility Payments

Foreign Remittances


The Epic Branchless Banker is a multiple, front-end, EPIC Switch device based online application that provides an effective platform for Banks and Financial institutions to deliver a variety of transactions online and on real-time. With Epic Branchless Banker, the bank is brought to the customer regardless of geographical location and extends the umbrella of financial inclusion. Contact Us



Creates multiple mobile bank branches that offer banking services online and real time.

Offers reach extension to lucrative under-banked market segments.

Deliver banking-at-your-doorstep service to high-ticket value consumers.

Lower you TCO significantly with improved productivity and service excellence.

Offer a differentiating experience to the consumer.

Service your consumer from any geographical location where GPRS connectivity is available.

Security & Flexibility

Conforms to International Secure Payment Standards (ISO 8583 Transaction Message Format); ensuring the highest level of transactional security.

Offers interfaces to an array of front-end devices such as PSTN / CDMA based EDC / POS Terminals, GPRS based EDC / POS Terminals & Android / iOS smart devices.

The flexibility and ability to initiate and execute transactions with the use of any valid bank card or passbook.

Flexibility of device: The device can be chosen based on the requirement of the business model and requirement of the bank/user. Being a portable hand carried unit, can be taken to the customer’s doorstep by an authorized bank agent.