A holistic, secure and a fully-fledged platform that transcends the value of an Android-based Smart POS ecosystem to offer Banks and Merchants alike a single and novel hub for all their terminal management requirements

Terminal Line Encryption (TLE)

Extremely secure end-to-end communication channel encryption solution augmented with PA-DSS V3.2 certification

Safeguards against all forms of wire-tapping attacks by devising state-of-the-art Encryption, Authentication, and Key Management mechanisms

Supports for virtually any terminal model and Mobile POS devices

Supports for Extended Key Distribution setup where multiple BDKs can be configured

Fortified with DUKPT key management scheme with dynamic MEK being employed for each transaction

Flexibility to enable and disable element level encryption in request and response messages

Terminal Heartbeat Monitor with Push & Pull Utility

Monitor the heartbeat of the terminals at your own comfort

Update applications (new/updates) on the terminal without the intervention of the merchant via automated scheduling options

Remote downloading of parameters, applications, software enhancements, and O/S for terminals whenever a new version is available

Engineered not only to push data to the terminals but also to pull insights such as terminal serial number, IMEI number, O/S, memory usage, battery level, signal strength, SIM provider, SIM serial number, etc.

Mitigates the hassle of traveling across the country and visiting the merchants physically to execute downloads related to the enhancement of terminal applications

Terminal Network Management System (TNMS)

Drive real-time operations and services on the terminal-end for better manageability and device tracking

View and update terminal specific configurations remotely

Remote settlement of merchant terminals

Terminal Key Downloading

Smart Card (Symmetric Keys)

Smart Card (Asymmetric Keys)

Key Injection Terminal

Manual Downloading

Terminal Key Mailing

OTA Remote Key Loading (RKL)

Digital Receipt Repository

Transaction details and signature data is electronically transmitted and stored digitally for quick retrieval and verification purposes by Banks as well as Merchants

Significantly streamlines the merchant’s operational process and in accelerating the requests for sales slips to process card chargebacks

Merchant Web Portal

Merchants can download the receipts (along with the signatures) applicable to the transactions associated with their MID

View the daily transactions performed, generate reports on transactions, and initiate transaction voids/refunds, etc.

Initiate complaints and service requests and track the history of each reported case throughout its lifecycle

mPOS Driver

Multi-device integration capability which is PCI, PTS and POI approved

Could be interfaced with Merchant/ Service Provider/ Govt. Institution back-end systems for online information inquiry and transaction updates i.e. Insurance Organizations, Utility Service Providers, Telcos, Police Departments, and Distribution Agencies etc.

Remote management of Merchants and Card Readers

Device pooling capability with multi-terminal support

Stores transaction details centrally to facilitate void, settlement, and refunds etc.

Case & Incident Management Application

Purpose-built application for incident management functions to cater call center and support personnel

Encompasses all capabilities in serving a customer irrespective of whether it is an inquiry, complaint or service request, and subsequently analyzing, monitoring and following-up for its progress

Trace down the entire history of each reported case with the action taken by individuals assigned to the respective tasks

Escalation Matrix that notifies authorized personnel of unattended tickets

Application Marketplace

Govern all proprietary and authorized third-party applications, as well as utilities and tools

Can be featured with a range of applications for multi-merchant and multi-domain categories – everything ranging from increasing productivity to streamlining business operations

Android SDK

Third-party vendors involved in the development of the front-end Android POS Application can leverage on the provisioned Android SDK to integrate their Application with the Android Terminal Experience Management Hub