Global IT Park Minami Uonuma is ready to showcase Sri Lankan IT companies’ next generation technology stack at Niigata’s Largest business event, Niigata Biz Expo. The event will be held at Niigata Industry Support Center on October 18 – 19, 2018.

Four Sri Lankan IT companies and two Indian IT companies have received the opportunity to showcase their technologies at the event. Epic Technology Group, Effective Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, Loops Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. and Evolve Technologies (Pvt) Ltd., are the four Sri Lankan companies. All technology demonstrations will be based on their success cases in Japan after joining Global IT Park, Minami Uonuma.

Epic Technology Group will demonstrate DoxPro, a document and workflow management solution for public sector institutions. Epic recently signed an MoU with Datadoc, the largest data center operator in Niigata to promote their cloud based secure document management system to public sector institutions in Japan.

Effective Solutions will showcase IoT solutions for manufacturing companies. Niigata is one of the largest manufacturing bases in Japan, with over a five trillion annual product shipment value. Loops Solutions will showcase their digital marketing solutions focusing on inbound tourism, a booming industry in Japan and fashion sector.

Evolve Technologies is planning to promote their multilingual mobile apps and resource augmentation services for Japanese IT companies.

“This is the third consecutive year that Global IT Park is participating at Niigata Biz Expo. We had overwhelming responses from the participants during last two years. Many companies in manufacturing, retail, construction and IT sector, visited our booth last year and shown their interest to work with foreign IT companies in Global IT Park. We also had the biggest number of B2B meetings at the event. That was remarkable”, said Kaushal Wawlagala, President of Adam Innovations Co., Ltd and Founder of Global IT Park Minami Uonuma.

“This year, our theme is “Digital Engagement”. The idea is how to realize the Society 5.0 through connecting and collaborating with Japanese and foreign companies. Japan aims to achieve “Society 5.0” through the full utilization of technological innovation including IoT, AI and Big Data derived from the fourth industrial revolution. To achieve Society 5.0, industries must play a key role. In light of this, the Japanese government has announced “Connected Industries,” as a new concept framework in which industries will create new added values and solutions to various problems in society through connectedness of various facets of modern life, including humans, machines, systems and companies. The Japanese government is advancing a variety of policy initiatives to support this endeavor”, he further added.

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