Epic DMS

(Dispute Management Solution) Enhancing Efficiency in Payment Card Settlements

Regular Reconciliation of Suspense Accounts

Elimination of Erroneous Repetition of Payments

Charge-back Handling

Pro-active Customer Relationship Management

Monitoring Profitability of Operations


DMS is a comprehensive Dispute and Reconciliation Management solution. This technology supports both issuing and acquiring disputes, offering case and workflow management, task automation and operations monitoring facilities. It enables Banks to improve efficiency and effectiveness of handling disputes, processing errors, and frauds, resulting in reduced operating costs and increased operational efficiency. DMS facilitates the critical needs of banks for effectively and efficiently managing day to day clearing and settlements, reconciliations as well as dispute resolution needs. DMS comprises of the following main modules to facilitate dispute resolution:
  • Reconciliation Management (RECON)
  • Dispute Resolution Management (DRM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
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Benefits for institutions

Solution tailor made for the local market

Reconciliation clears suspense accounts

Efficient handling of all dispute resolution scenarios

Build technical confidence and capability of banks

Improved and more efficient back office operations

Provide superior service for cardholder and merchants

Benefits for customers

Enhanced image of Institution as technically competent

Active reconciliation “behind the scenes”

Create a more trustworthy relationship with bank

Merchants are protected from fraud

Clearing and settlement related issues reduced

Superior customer service for both cardholders and merchants