3-D Secure

Securing online transactions for profitable e-commerce

Minimize Fraudulent Card Transactions

Real Time Authentication for Online Payments

Facilitate Card-Present Environment for Online Transactions

Build Consumer Confidence in Online Transaction Security

Fully Certified by VISA, MASTERCARD & American Express


The Epic 3 – D Secure Payment & Authentication solution is a highly flexible and scalable platform-independent solution for providing an added layer of security in CNP (Card Not Present) transactions. It is fully compliant with PCI DSS specifications and is certified by VISA and MASTERCARD. Contact Us

Key features

Modular Architecture

The solution consists of loosely coupled modules which can be plugged in as and when business requires.

Internet Payment Gateway: Multi-currency payment acquisition, authorization & payment processing module.

Access Control Server: Performs card-holder enrollment into 3-D secure program and facilitates multiple cardholder authentication options to cater to bank’s risk profile.

Merchant Plug-In: Real-time enrolment verification and payer authentication according to card association guidelines.

Security & Flexibility

Conforms to International Secure Payment Standards defined by PCI DSS.

Flexible and configurable deployment with seamless integration.

Simple and streamlined administration, reporting and branding.