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Unauthorized interception of communication is increasingly disturbing Governments, corporate sector institutions and individuals. Unauthorized interceptors cause enormous, and sometimes intolerable, damage to organizations and individuals. Contact Us


Sentrimate offers a state-of-the-art Mobile Communication Solution with military-grade encryption to:

Establish a 100% secure channel for both voice and data communication or for exchanging sensitive documents, photos, etc.

Enable the user to securely store sensitive information in an encrypted, password-protected vault in the mobile device.

Sentrimate carries cross-brand and cross-platform compatibility, while all communication channels are strengthened with RSA and Triple DES Asymmetric Cryptography and Encryption Algorithms.


Enterprises can leverage on Sentrimate for their secure document management needs. Underlying security framework of Sentrimate allows enterprises to capture and share documents from virtually dispersed locations to a centralized repository.

Document capture will be performed through Sentrimate Mobile App and subsequently, the same is encrypted and digitally signed before transmitting.

Sentrimate architecture accommodates scalability and localization according to the operational and security needs of different enterprises.


Once the app is downloaded and initialized, a subscriber can connect with any individual who has the same Sentrimate app installed. Both parties can establish a fully secure and impregnable channel of communication, be it voice over data or sharing sensitive media. All files received via Sentrimate are stored locally in a PIN protected and encrypted vault, thus ensuring that third party applications do not access any sensitive information.