Epic Token Service Provider (TSP)


A secure tokenization solution for payment channels

Facilitates integration with different payment channels

Replaces sensitive data with proxy values

Manage the complete Instance (Channel) and Token Lifecycle

Stores all audit information related to TSP operations

Supports automated backup


Tokenization is the process of replacing existing sensitive values (Card Numbers, Account Numbers, NIC, etc.) with a surrogate value. This Token is used during payment transactions, keeping the original piece of data safe. The Epic Token Service Provider (TSP) solution enables a wide range of capabilities to create and manage tokens that can be used for various Payment Channels. Its database will ensure that data is securely stored and will support automated backup by allowing the connection of specific third-party backup tools. The Epic TSP will ensure that the original piece of sensitive data will remain secure during the payment transaction cycle.

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The Token management functions of the TSP will enable full control over the Tokenization Lifecycle. The following Token Operations will be provided by the system.

  • Token Generation
  • Token Activation
  • Check Token Existence
  • Renew Token
  • Remove Token


The Instance (Channel) management will allow you to perform the following. An Instance will be the in-system representation of one of your Payment Channels that will consume the TSP services.

  • Create Instance
  • Activate Instance
  • Remove Instance
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