A solution to simulate and perform insurance operations


The insurance industry has made very slow progress in penetrating the Sri Lankan market. One key element missing in Insurance is the lack of modern technology, and as a result, it has created a poor and unsatisfying customer experience. EpicSure is an innovative, solution that facilitates customer activity initiation, assessor operations, service providers operations, branch level monitoring, and authorization processes. This provides an effective framework for insurance companies to simulate and perform insurance operations thereby bridging the digital divide currently seen in the insurance landscape.

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Customer Mobile Application features

  • Request Temp Quotation
  • Policy Onboarding
  • Insurance company news updates
  • Promotions for non-customers
  • Branch locator
  • Service provider locator

Assessor Mobile Application features

  • Policy Renewal Assessment
  • Accident Inspection Check
  • Payment instalment Collection
  • Document Collection
  • Insurance Calculator
  • Payment History

Features & Functionality

  • Potential users can obtain new policy coverages or make insurance policy renewals
  • Customers can view the payment and claim histories and obtain special services such as log-in appointments and advisory services
  • Simplified claim initiation process for the customers to launch a claim
  • Customer referral management module for additional benefits
  • Web Portal for service providers such as registered garages and hospitals to upload quotations
  • Comprehensive monitoring dashboard from an administrative perspective to monitor network performance, response times, errors, exceptions, and immediate application error detection, etc
  • Insurance staff are provided the capability of on-boarding customers as well as initiating claims through the Web Portal
  • Capability to view various reports such as Payment History, Claim History, Operations Monitoring, Assessor Completed & Rejected tasks
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