Epic Premier Plus

Epic Premier Plus

Delegated Cash Collections Using Tokenized Transactions

Cutting-edge technology such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

In-built rating system to rate the performance of Relationship Managers

In-built lead management system for RMs

A self-service platform to manage all cards

Smart-Dashboard for RMs to monitor the status of all clients


High net worth clients serve as valuable assets to any bank. Their lifestyles, habits and expectations differ from the average customer. Their investments with the bank demand special treatment and constant attention. They are always on the move and need to top notch service and real-time updates of their financial status when they are travelling. That is why Epic Premier Plus serves as the ideal high net worth management tool for both clients and Relationship managers. Epic Premier Plus provides complete visibility of a banking services portfolio from Investment Forecasting, Wealth Planning the Fixed Deposits. It also serves as an excellent tool for Relationship Managers who can now focus on customer strategies such as retention and service improvement rather than engage in manual processes.

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Benefits for High-net-worth individuals

  • Log in / Log-out and Biometric Authentication
  • Market Intelligence and Statistics
  • SI and Supplementary Card Requests
  • Tokenized Cash Collections
  • Manage Portfolio (FD, Loan)
  • Secure Core Communication
  • Digital Signing of Mandates
  • Augmented Reality Dashboard
  • Automated FD Renewal Process
  • REPO Placements

Benefits for Relationship Managers (RMs)

  • Biometric Authentication
  • Customizable Profile
  • Study Client’s Financial Portfolio
  • Schedule Appointments & Wealth Management Advice
  • Managing Gift Deliveries
  • Dashboard View of Workload
  • Prioritize Tasks Based on Urgency
  • View all Client Requests in a Single Window
  • Audio / Video / Text Messaging
  • Quote Rates for FD Maturities
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