Epic AFFINITI Delinquency Management System

Epic AFFINITI Delinquency Management System

Loan reconciliations made seamless and convenient


Timely collection of dues in respect of the credit facilities granted is crucial for banks to sustain operations. Increasing non-performing loans affect banks globally, threatening stability, credit ratings, investor confidence and regulatory compliances. With the added pressure of post covid debt collections, banks need a streamlined system in place to monitor and collect all outstanding debts. The Epic AFFINITI delinquency Management System fully automates every aspect of the recovery operation with unparalleled scalability, security, and transparency into the entire process workflow. AFFINITI DMS is also a decision support system that enables key decision makers in the bank to decide on credit squeezing, sectoral exposure limits and portfolio growth and recovery strategies. Whether it is a mortgage, car loan, personal loan, or an outstanding card loan, Epic AFFINITI DMS can seamlessly track and manage them all.

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Data Connector

Connects with the core banking or any other backend to draw data from multiple platforms seamlessly in order to retrieve all relevant data.

Watch bucket manger

Manges the age bucket classification and assign leads accordingly for prompt follow-up.

recovery rule engine

Automates the collection and recovery journey commencement and subsequent escalation across different collection officers and departments with strict SLA monitoring.

Customer 360

Provides a 360-degree customer credit view within a single dashboard including payment history and customer scoring.

Notification Platform

Sends automated notifications through diverse channels including SMS, email and letters to customers and staff to alert remind and avoid delays.

legal diarizing

Mange the legal process from opening a legal case to scheduling a case data, lawyer management, court details with legal case history and expenses tracking.

Auction manager

Automated management of the auction process by initiating valuation, grading, categorizing, auction notifications and auctioning along with yard management.

Risk Matrix Score

Analyses all delinquent accounts based on a defined set of determinants under their probability and impact to derive a risk score and subsequently lists all accounts in a risk quadrant to prioritize the collections.

EWS and hardship mangement

A framework for automated client account behavioral change identification through EWS rules and subsequent treating the customers for their financial hardships with comprehensive traceability to treatments given for hardship mitigation.

Reco BOT

AI BOT that interacts with customers at initial stages of the recovery process, capable of supporting first level hardship of the process along with payment and assessments.

Affinity mobile

A mobile app to carry out the collection and recovery activities in the field giving your recovery staff online real time access to the system.

Analytics and data Visualization

A wide spectrum of dashboard representation and pre-defined set of reports for top management, Risk Managers, Credit Controlling/ Monitoring Units and collection Agents.

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