Co-operative Banking System

Co-operative Banking System

A self-sufficient solution for cooperative societies

Branch Segregated GL integration

Increased Financial Discipline in Cooperatives

Customized Modularized System

Multiple Branch Support

Management of External Pay Methods


A Co-Operative society is a voluntary association of persons, whose motive is the welfare of the members. The EPIC Co-operative Banking System (CBS) is a Comprehensive banking system that is built to support the Co-Operatives in a particular region. It is intended to Increase financial discipline in Cooperatives with Multiple Branch Support & Branch Segregated GL integration. It comprises all core banking functions such as maintaining savings accounts, granting loans, and maintaining fixed deposits within a cooperative society. Out of the numerous advantages it offers, security is of utmost importance which is guaranteed through EPIC CBS.

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Value Enhancements

  • Minimize frauds within cooperatives
  • Reduced cost of operations through reduced workforce
  • Centrally located member information
  • Manage tasks efficiently using updated information
  • Highly agile and customizable design
  • Shortened lead time

System Attributes

  • Runs 24*7 without human intervention
  • Accommodates scalability in transaction volumes
  • Supports different levels of logging to provide varying levels of information
  • Generate alerts in the event of a system failure
  • Built using industry-standard technology infrastructure
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