Aegis PKI

Aegis PKI

Comprehensive Enterprise-wide Security in a Box

Data Recovery Management


Certificate Authority

Public Key Infrastructure

Registration Authority

Token Processing Unit

Electronic Fund Transfer


Aegis is a revolutionary information security solution that fuses all aspects of PKI and EFT Security into a single appliance. It is specifically designed to deliver the most secured authentication infrastructure to organizations at a fraction of the cost of managing and operating multiple systems for ensuring the integrity and authenticity of information exchanged. With Aegis, the burden of managing multiple systems and dealing with different vendors is eliminated, while having all aspects of PKI security infrastructure implemented across the enterprise.

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  • Easily scale up/down to suit the requirements from a single-node, single-site to a multi-node, multi-site topology
  • Supports multiple CAs and RAs
  • One box, and one-stop-shop for both hardware and software
  • Simplified product support and maintenance
  • Reduced deployment and training time


  • Use of smart card and hardware tokens for authentication.
  • SSL-driven administrative web application.
  • Secure Key Storage mechanism with SafeNet -Protect Server Gold HSM built-in to the box.
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