Premier and award winning regional technology leader Epic Technology Group, synonymous for innovative and superior FinTech solutions, has once again proved its technology dominance having being chosen as the preferred technology partner by Bank of Ceylon to implement a real-time anti money laundering solution.

Customer XPs Clari5 is one of the world’s leading products on AML and EFD in a single application platform with state-of-the-art features which will help banks and financial institutions to adhere to compliance and align with international rules and regulations.

Epic Technology Group Director and CEO Viraj Mudalige stated: “I am indeed proud to have been chosen by the nation’s powerhouse in banking Bank of Ceylon at this juncture in time to implement the anti-money laundering solution which is a state-of-the art real time solution designed to combat the most sophisticated financial crimes globally.”

Mudalige added: “Given multiple strategic domestic and global AML/CFT regulatory compliance which financial institutions need to comply with, it is imperative for banks to consider innovative approach for their AML/CFT program, I am glad to have partnered with CustomerXPs to help BOC transform their fraud management.”

Bank of Ceylon AGM – Compliance Asoka Pinnaduwage said: “Being the No. 1 bank in the country, we have a far greater responsibility of leading by example for other financial institutions in the region. We wish to remain ahead of both domestic as well as global risk regulations with an advanced counter financial crime technology available. We are confident that Clari5’s real-time, cross-channel prowess will strengthen our AML/CFT strategy further.”

Bank of Ceylon DGM Support Services S. Hewavitharana stated: “Compliance and corporate governance play an important role in the banking industry. As for the Bank of Ceylon as the most prominent bank in the country combating money laundering is an important everyday issue. We are indeed glad to get Epic onboard, which has taken the lead in this area. I believe that with this strategic partnership we built with Epic and Clarif5, the bank can efficiently assist to manage the anti-money laundering problem faced by the banking industry.”

Epic Lanka