EPIC – MEA Mobile Enterprise Automation
Helps you to make fast decisions without compromising quality, regulations or customer service.
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– Integrates with your existing back-office solutions.
– Ideal for managing field work force

CRM / Sales
Technical Support
Logistic Management & Delivery

– User friendly, time tested and robust.
– Scalable, Client-Server, Secure & State-of-the-Art.

Mobile Enterprise Automation Solution
Firms operating in today’s competitive markets are looking for innovative methods of servicing their customers that can improve quality of service delivery, response time and customer feedback. Similarly, escalating input prices and resource constraints compel organizations to reduce wastages and optimize resource utilization. Further, logistics management has become an important function for any organization to improve service delivery. Therefore, EPIC sees immense potential for the MEA solutions in an array of industries across various segments irrespective of size of the firms and the complexity of their geographical coverage.

The potential industry sectors for our MEA solutions include retail and wholesales distributions in food and beverages, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, consumer durables and petroleum products, utility supplies such as electricity, water etc, health care, courier services, security forces, insurance, financial services, recovery and collection operations of banking, leasing and credit card companies etc. Scheduling of work on priority basis, traceability and connectivity of the field staff, high levels of information security, optimum utilization of resources through proper scheduling, reduction of lead times and efficient inventory management , ability to receive immediate customer responses are the key advantages the MEA can offer to potential clients managing large work forces and striving to be highly competitive in the industry.

MEA system makes employers attractive to the tech savvy multi tasking employees who prefer to work in a modern environment. The customers have an opportunity to provide an immediate feedback on services received. The top management’s desire of having the best match between increasing customer visits/complaints and deploying the limited number of people for best possible results is no more a dream with the MEA.

MEA ideally integrates an organization’s supply and demand chains enabling management to improve service quality, enhance overall productivity, effective allocation of scarce resources which will lead to profitability and sustainable growth. Therefore, we strongly believe the MEA solutions of our company to be a very promising product in our wide array of solutions offered to organizations.