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Epic Mobile Phone Banking Solution Suite (EMBSS) is an innovative Mobile Commerce solution that leverages the extensive penetration and consumer base of mobile phones. It enables Financial Institutions and Banks to bridge the digital divide in places where traditional banking services are limited or nonexistent, allowing the extension of facilities & services to consumers beyond traditional markets and geographical boundaries.

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The EMBSS Solution transforms consumer mobile phones into payment devices by introducing:

– Multiple channels for initiating and completing transactions using Mobile Phones.
– Foolproof User Authentication via Multi-Factor Authentication techniques
– End-to-end Encryption of sensitive transaction data.
– Encrypted session management for all transactions.
– Comprehensive Audit Trail and transaction event logging facilities.

By using consumer mobile phones to facilitate Secure Electronic Payments, Financial Institutions and Banks are offered significant cost savings, as there is no need for up-front investment to purchase hardware devices or provisioning telecommunications infrastructure. Instead the EMBSS Solution leverages existing consumer mobile handsets, as well as existing banking and telecommunications infrastructure to facilitate secure payment transactions using mobile phones.

EMBSS facilitates the highest degree of transaction security while complying with industry standard mobile payment guidelines as defined by state regulatory authorities. The solution can be implemented irrespective of mobile phone manufacturer, model or mobile telecommunication service provider. Furthermore, all services provisioned by the EMBSS Solution are at no cost to mobile telecommunication service providers.

EMBSS comprises of following modules:

– GPRS Mobile Banking Module
– SMS Banking Module
– IVR Banking Module

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