Transforming Smart Phones to Acquire Card Payments

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Solution Overview

To overcome the current inefficiencies in various POS payment systems, EPIC has designed its proprietary MPOS (Mobile Point of Sales) Merchant Acquiring Platform with eZGO. It is a new platform that enables acquirers to quickly provide smart phone driven Magnetic Stripe and Chip Card payment solutions to small and medium-sized merchants.

With eZGO, Merchant Smart Phone is transformed into a secure point-of-sale device and it is plugged in with a Card Reader, which meets following industry security standards: EMV Level 1, EMV Level 2, PCI PTS 3.0, SRED, PA DSS, and PCI DSS.

The Card Reader connects to a smart phone or tab via audio jack and enables merchants to accept both Magnetic Stripe and Chip Cards using a secure Mobile Application. The Application is compatible across all platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

The unique design and security architecture of the Mobile App delivers 1st level point-to-point data encryption and high end Terminal Line Encryption (TLE). All transaction related security keys are stored in a Secure Area of the Smart Phone which is 100% fool proof and inaccessible to unauthorized entities.

Solution provides the capability in capturing customer signature prior to authorization and the digital receipt for completed transaction could be sent via an SMS or an E-mail.

EPIC eZGO deployment Modules:

(i) eZGO Express : Direct integration:-
eZGO Express offers the direct integration model where Merchant Smart Phone will directly communicate with the Bank Host via Network Access Controller (NAC). The communication is facilitated through GPRS connectivity port and none of the transaction details are stored in Merchant Smart Phone.

(ii) eZGO Enterprise : Server driven integration:-
Mobile Phone communicates through a Transaction Switch. The Switch stores transaction details centrally to facilitate full spectrum of POS transactions including Sales, Reversals, Void, Settlement, Batch Upload and Refund.

eZGO Modules

  • Merchant Mobile Application
  • Merchant Mobile Application
  • Control Panel

Solution Security and Controlling

  • PCI-DSS Compliance on Processing, Transmitting and Storing of card data
  • TLE with Secure Storage simulation for Key Storage at Mobile end
  • P2P Encryption for non-TLE implementation
  • Eazy-Go Application Authentication and Card Reader verification
  • Remote Mobile Activation/ Deactivation
  • No storing of Card Holder Data
  • Fraud Guard Module and Dash Board implementation for effective and efficient system monitoring

Competitive Edge

  • Lower solution ownership cost and setup cost
  • Ability to perform business on the move
  • Enhanced retail customer experience
  • Reach towards First Time Merchants
  • Centralized Application Management