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  • Meetings have never been this fun!
  • Efficiently prepare for meetings
  • Securely access corporate information
  • Annotate documents
  • Full encryption of your data
  • Multi user interface (Apple & Android)

DOCLIINK Board Paper Management Solution provides discerning users with a platform via which they can exchange sensitive documents, media and messages without the hassle of physical document circulation. This is especially essential for high-value corporate entities and government institutions focusing on business meetings, board meetings, strategic planning, intelligence and defense related affairs.

Epic Board Paper Management Solution is designed targeting contemporary needs for information security and document sharing in a closed community. It primarily focuses on ease of collaboration while ensuring security across the communication ecosystem.

  • DOCLINK securely provides digital meetings and papers at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.
  • DOCLINK is available across both Android and iOS devices.
  • DOCLINK facilitates closed loop confidential documents and image transmitting and perfectly fits into confidential document circulation requirements of government depts., security forces and business institutions.
  • All documents and images are encrypted and digitally signed ensuring information cannot be intercepted or misused while in transit.
  • Crypto-Doc lets you choose and attach documents and images through file structure.

Add notes. Signatures, annotations, bookmarks plus more!
Fully supports board resolutions private or shared Reading Rooms.


  • Create and manage multiple corporate and individual meetings.
  • Upload documents which are then encrypted to ensure the highest security.
  • Individually control who can email or print the documentation.
  • Define Reading Room structures and access rights.


  • Securely view key documents and share them if required.
  • Annotate content and email it to other colleagues or external contacts.
  • Print documents and annotations.
  • Quickly find documents through the search function.