Internet Payment Gateway – Merchant plug-in Access control server

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Securing Online Transactions for Profitable e-commerce

-Minimize Fraudulent Card Transactions
-Real time authentication for online payments
-Facilitate card-present environment for online transactions
-Build consumer confidence in online transaction security
-Fully Certified by VISA, MASTERCARD & American Express


The EPIC 3-D Secure Payment Authentication & Authorization solution is a highly flexible and scalable platform-independent solution for providing an added layer of security in CNP ( card not present) transactions. It is fully compliant with PCI DSS specifications and is certified by VISA and MASTERCARD.

The solution consist of loosely coupled modules which can be plugged-in as and when business requires.

Internet payment gateway: Multi-currency payment acquisition, authorization and payment processing module.

Access control server: Performs card-holder enrollment into 3-D secure program and facilities multiple cardholder authentication options to cater to bank’s risk profile.

Merchant plug- In: Real time enrollment verification and payer authentication according to card association guidelines.

Security and flexibility

  • Conforms to International Secure Payment Standards defined by PCI DSS.
  • Fully certified by VISA, MASTERCARD and American Express as a preferred vendor.
  • Flexible and configurable deployment with seamless integration.
  • Simple and streamlined administration, reporting and branding.

Key features

  • Multi Merchant support
  • Multi Currency support
  • BIN restriction and Hot List Management (card, MCC, country, currency etc)
  • Multiple authentication options for card holder to select (OTP, Challenge Response, etc.)
  • Manual and automated settlement for merchants
  • Refund transaction support
  • Comprehensive transaction dashboard for bank uses and Merchants
  • MOTO transaction support